Choosing the Type of Funeral

Planning a funeral can be difficult, you naturally want the best for your loved one, but unless they’ve made their wishes clear it can be difficult to know where to start.

Whilst there may be religious reasons for wishing to hold the funeral within a certain time, there are no set rules about when the ceremony should take place. You may wish to wait a few weeks so that those overseas can arrange travel, or you may prefer for the service to take place as soon as possible – it’s about choosing what’s right for you and your family. Whatever decision you reach we will do everything we can to ensure that your wishes are met.

The service

Many people leave instructions about the type of service they wish to have; some people plan every detail from the choice or music to the location of the wake, whilst others give more general preferences. In such cases, we’ll help you ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honoured. Of course, not everyone is able to discuss their wishes or make such plans, in which case we’ll discuss the options and help you plan the most fitting funeral possible.

A person’s faith may help you make some decisions – even if you do not share their religious views, it’s not uncommon to plan a service that reflects and respects them.

Some families prefer to have a private burial or cremation service either before or after a bigger, more public memorial service. It’s up to you when you hold the memorial service; it can be immediately before or after the private ceremony, or you may wish to have some time in between.

Burial or cremation?

Many people talk to their families about whether they want to be buried or cremated, so the decision may simply be a case of honouring their wishes. If nothing has been specified and there are no other factors, such as religious requirements, to consider then you will need to decide what you feel is most appropriate.

Most burials take place in churchyards or cemeteries (grave yards that are not attached to a church) but burial at sea, woodland burials or internment in a vault are also options. If you’re not sure about what to choose, we can talk you through your choices and help you pick one that seems most fitting,

If you choose a churchyard or cemetery burial, it may be possible to use an exiting lair. This means, for example, that a couple can be buried together. If you wish to use an exiting lair, you will need to have the relevant deeds. Don’t worry if you’re unable to find them, we can help obtain the necessary records if you need us to. Do remember that this may take time and may mean that things could take longer to arrange.

There are various fees involved with burials and these will vary depending on whether you use a new or exiting lair, your location and the site. Please be aware that these most burial fees are unavoidable and beyond our control.