Death Notices and Funeral Announcements

Contacting everyone who may need to know about the death of your loved one can be difficult and upsetting, which is why arranging for a notice or obituary to appear in the newspaper can be useful.

Death Notices are usually sent to the local papers for the area where your loved one lived. If they had strong ties to another area – perhaps due to their work, or family or social connections – you may also wish to place notices in that area’s papers.

If they lived in a number of different areas, had connections beyond their local town or were well known (perhaps for charity work or sporting activities), you may also wish to place a notice in a national paper such a The Herald or Scotsman.

Notices usually tell your loved one’s life story – how much detail you include will depend on whether you feel that a simple announcement or a more detailed appreciation is most appropriate.

Whether you choose to submit a simple notice or something more detailed, you will probably wish to include their birth and death dates, where they lived, some information about their family connections, and details about when and where the funeral will take place. If there are things that people will need to know about the service – such as what to wear and whether to send flowers or charitable donations – you may also wish to include this.