Making Funeral Arrangements

Although there are no rules about who can organise a funeral, it is usually done by a member of the immediate family or a very close friend. Whoever it is will be responsible for making many decisions about the funeral, making the arrangements and making sure that everything is paid for.

When you ask us to arrange a funeral, we will make an appointment to meet you to discuss the plans. You can meet us at our premises, or if you prefer we can visit you at home or at your solicitor’s office.

We understand that everything feels overwhelming at a time like this, but there are some thing things – such as whether it will be burial or cremation, when and where the funeral will take place and the type of ceremony – that you will need to decide as soon as you can. As with everything else, we will offer you as much support and guidance as you need, and do all we can to make things as easy for you as we can.

As well as your plans for the funeral, we will also need to know:

  • Their name, age and address
  • Where they are (i.e. are they in hospital and if so, which one?)
  • Their doctor’s details
  • Whether or not a Form 11 (Death Certificate) has been issued

You don’t need to have the Death Certificate to talk to us and start making plans, but you will need to have it before the funeral can take place.