Making the Day Personal

Many elements of the day can be tailored to your wishes or those of your loved one. Whether it’s choosing a significant song or the location of the service, there are many ways, big and small, that you can make things more personal.

Many people find comfort in arranging a day that reflects the personality and life of their family member or friend. We can help you plan the most fitting farewell, whether that’s a simple service just for family and close friends, or something a little different.

Please remember that there may be some restrictions for what can be done at certain types of ceremony. For example, with cremations there are some items that cannot be placed in the coffin. We will, of course, advise you about this and help you plan things accordingly.


A certain song may have meant a lot to your loved one, and you may wish to include it in the ceremony. The music you choose doesn’t have to be religious or classical, it can be a pop song or even the theme from a favourite film or TV show. Whatever music you choose let us know, and we will take care everything for you, we can even arrange for musicians to perform live if you wish.


We work with an expert team of florists to make sure that the flowers that are supplied reflect your wishes and are of the highest standard.

From a traditional wreath to a personalised tribute such as a name or floral recreation of a car, there are very few limits to what can be done in terms of floral tributes. We can help you choose what’s right for and organise it for you.

If you would like it to be family flowers only, we can also help arrange a collection to your chosen charity for friends and colleagues to donate to.

The coffin

We won’t pretend that choosing a coffin is easy. We always suggest that your choice should reflect the taste and personality of your friend or family member. This may mean choosing something other than the most expensive or elaborate design available. Don’t feel that you should spend more than you can afford on something fancy; no one would want you to be worried about money.

In addition to traditional wooden coffins, we also have a range of modern designs made of wool, willow and cardboard. It is also possible to customise some of our coffins with photographs or drawings.


Many people plan a final journey along a route that takes in places that were special to their loved one. That may mean arranging for the cortege to pass by a favourite team’s home ground or past a place that held special memories.

As well as traditional motor and horse-drawn hearses, we can also arrange for more unusual vehicles if that’s what you would prefer.

People often worry about how many cars they will need, who to include in the funeral cars and where everyone should be seated, talk to us about this and we will help you work it all out.